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Better Health, Posture, and Performance with Less Pain. That’s our goal—to help you not only feel better, but actually get better.  The conservative chiropractic physical medicine treatment we provide is focused on an active, hands-on, natural, and holistic approach to relieving and resolving the underlying problem(s) that cause pain and dysfunction.

Our unique approach includes:

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment® (SFMA) for finding the underlying cause of biomechanical dysfunction and pain


  • Active Release Techniques® (ART) soft tissue treatment for resolving muscles knots, trigger points, scar tissue adhesions, deep tissue fibrosis, and contractures


  •  Manual manipulations and/or Arthrostim® instrument chiropractic adjustments for reducing misalignments, stiff joints, segmental spinal rigidity


  •  Kinesiology Taping consisting of Kinesio® or Rock® tape for post-treatment support, muscle facilitation or relaxation, lymphatic drainage


  •  Diowave® 15W Class IV High Power Laser Therapy for an accelerated healing response


  • Rehab for stretching, strengthening, posture, and dietary improvements


You Should Know:

Most common musculoskeletal disorders, like muscle, tendon, or joint pain and stiffness of the neck, back, and extremities, are caused by one of two fundamental problems (sometimes both): Mobility or Stability.

Mobility means tightness (lack of tissue extensibility) and Stability means weakness (deconditioned and/or lack of motor control).  Mobility problems are usually treated with myofascial release and stretching techniques, and Stability problems are usually treated with rehab/exercise techniques.

A Mobility problem should be treated and resolved as fully as possible before treating a Stability problem because rehab/exercise in the presence of tissue tightness will result in the development of abnormal movement and motor control patterns.


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