One of the Best Exercise Routines

Monday November 30, -0001 comments

When I was pre-school age in Los Angeles, my mother would exercise in the living room while watching a local broadcast hosted by an upstart fitness guru – Jack LaLanne.  Jack was born in San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles, the opposite of my relocation, but one commonality we had is that he was also a chiropractor.

 My involvement in exercise got a boost in eighth grade “weight lifting club” and has not stopped since.  There have been a many exercise trends and fads over the years driven mostly by hype and marketing, but also by changes in our understanding of exercise physiology. 

 At one point in time I was twenty pounds heavier than today and that was all lean mass.  My frame did not particularly appreciate the extra weight and what I had to do to maintain it.  I discovered there was a difference between health and fitness, and that you can actually compromise your health to achieve greater fitness.  

Muscles are pretty resilient but the connective tissue that holds your frame together it not.  Frame damage is what you are left with once the glory days of big strong muscles are gone.  And that is where circuit training comes into the picture.  Simply, circuit training is one of the most effective, time efficient, and body safe types of exercise there is.  You perform a series of different exercises with very little transition time between each exercise and therefore gain both a strength and endurance training benefit.

The circuit I put together provides a full body workout in 30-minutes with a combination of free weights, exercise machines, a gym ball, and some calisthenics.  Here is the link to the video, the most important part of which is the Principles of Circuit Training that you can apply to make up your own workout: